About Us

We're a Creative Factory Located in the Heart of Cairo City.

The House of Choice for Oriental Rugs

In our doctrine, we believe in mastering our work aiming to put our name as one of the best
leading manufacturers and exporters in the world of handmade rugs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a recognized global leader innovating unique handmade rugs having artistic value, superior taste and visual appeal to meet customer’s expectation and satisfaction.

Our Mission

– We produce the most innovative artistic rug.
– We focus on handmade masterpieces.
– We innovate for customer’s need and satisfaction.
– We provide rugs for a distinguished customer, lover of innovation, good taste and fans of superior acquisition and luxuries.
– We help customers to get rid of their confusion of choice by introducing the required fashion.
– We encourage high performance teamwork.
– We provide employees with opportunities of personal and professional advancement through continuous training.

Our Values

Our value lies in unique artistic quality; we innovate for customers seeking superior acquisition and good taste to meet their individual needs. We produce for a distinguished customer.

About Us

In our doctrine, we believe in mastering our work aiming to put our name as one of the best leading manufacturers and exporters in the world of handmade rugs.

The Egyptian factory for Oriental Rugs “Abdo Mostafa & Partners Co” is one of the famous prestigious leading company producing the most exquisite and finest handmade rugs from wool and natural silk to match the best and the latest global tastes.

The production of the Egyptian factory manufacturing oriental rugs is a real competitor to the prestigious rug production centers in the world, the firm has satisfied the local market needs in Egypt and has invaded the world markets of the countries of Europe and America, besides Canada and Japan. We are proud to have the slogan “Made in Egypt” on our product. Now we have become at the forefront of the Egyptian Rugs exporters.

Our production has achieved a good fame in the world rug market. Mr. Abdo Mostafa was granted the the golden award by the German Chamber of Commerce, as The finest rug producer in the Middle East, in an exhibition in June 1986 Madrid, Spain. The certificate granted by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry opened the door to export to U.S.A, Canada, and Japan.

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"Such an amazing team helpful creative my experience with them was great they really know how to pick the right thing for me."

− Client #1

"I'm so happy with my new rug it was really nice and change the home atmosphere, its like a piece of art thank you."

− Client #2

"The quality of rugs exceeds my expectations and the price compared to the quality is good."

− Client #3

"I would recommended Abdo Mostafa to anyone is looking for handmade rugs they have a unique pieces and lots of varieties."

− Client #4

"Thank you for providing such an excellent quality. I've never seen handmade rugs like this before."

− Client #5
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